Meet, Jarnell Garland

owner of baking it pretty


After graduating from culinary art school in 2012 I went back to school for my bachelor's degree in criminal justice. It wasn’t until I was nearly finished with my bachelor degree that I decided to transform my cake decorating hobby into a profitable career. In the summer of 2015 Baking It Pretty soon turned into a company catering to your dessert needs for a variety of events. Baking It Pretty specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, gourmet strawberries and more servicing Houston and the surrounding areas.


Being a culinary art graduate aids my expertise in flavor, design, kitchen etiquette, as well as presentation. Special attention is geared towards every request to insure we go above and beyond your expectations. Since you eat with your eyes long before food touches your palette Baking It Pretty creates desserts that are almost too pretty to eat and makes for the perfect dessert selfie, but once you take your first bite; you will instantly realize we are much more than just a pretty cake!